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Eigenlayer: The AWS of Web3

In our most recent quarterly update, I introduced our LPs to what I think is going to be one of the most important trends for the future of the blockchain space: restaking.

Ethereum’s Broadband Moment

In 1998, Paul Krugman famously wrote that by 2005 the internet’s impact on the economy will be no more significant than that of the fax machine’s.

The Golden Age of Crypto

During our inaugural BCVC Summit in 2022, the industry was in despair. FTX was crumbling quite literally as we spoke, token values across the board were tanking, yet another “crypto winter” was dawning.

2nd Annual BCVC Summit 2023 Recap

The second annual BCVC Web3 Founder Summit came to a close this past Friday, November 3rd. Ironically, our event took place just a short drive from the Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Courthouse in Manhattan where SBF was convicted of all seven counts of various types of fraud.

Securing Web3: Four Insights from MetaEra Summit

With nearly $5B worth of exploits over the last 24 months, it is clear that security is one of the most existential problems the Web3 faces today. Simply put, we cannot expect to onboard billions of users into crypto, unless we restore trust in the system.

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Crypto VCs Turn Back to ‘Professor Coins’ as Funding Rebounds

Venture capitalists are turning back to crypto startups founded by professors as funding for the digital asset industry takes off again.”

Crypto Startup Funding Down Two-Thirds, But Founders See Bright Side

A disastrous 2023 for crypto startups hasn’t dissuaded true believers.

One Year After FTX Imploded, Here’s How Crypto Is Changing

“For many who trade cryptocurrencies for a living, the events of a year ago are forever etched in memory.”

Bitcoin Rises After Fed Boosts Rates and U.S. Lawmakers Debate Crypto Regulation

“‘Wednesday’s Fed meeting was probably the best that could have been expected from Bitcoin’s perspective as the perception remains that July’s hike to a 22-year high was either the peak of this tightening cycle—or we are very close to it,’ said Sam Yilmaz, co-founder of crypto-focused venture fund Bloccelerate.”

Bloccelerate VC’s Sam Yilmaz on VCs, Crypto

Live on Bloomberg TV

“Sam Yilmaz, General Partner and COO at Bloccelerate VC, discusses his outlook for venture capital firms, AI and cryptocurrency markets.”

Bitcoin Falls on Fears of Higher Rates. A Cool Jobs Report Isn’t Helping.

“Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fell on Friday, following stocks lower amid rising expectations of interest-rate hikes from the Federal Reserve. A cool U.S. jobs report did little to change the narrative.”

Bitcoin Blew Stocks Out of the Water in the First Half. What Comes Next for Cryptos.

“‘Institutional adoption of crypto—specifically Bitcoin—will be a big theme’ in 2023, says Kate Laurence, co-founder and general partner at Bloccelerate, a Web3-focused venture fund. ‘If there is one silver lining that came from the regulatory crackdown is that Bitcoin has been clearly established as not a security.’

Indeed, Bitcoin has managed to dodge the regulatory pressures that have hit the rest of the industry…”

Bloccelerate on US SEC Crypto Crackdown

Live on Bloomberg TV

“Kate Laurence, CEO, Co-Founder & General Partner at Bloccelerate VC, discusses her expectations for crypto exchange platforms after the US SEC lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase, and the outlook for the sector, as the crackdown from US authorities deepens.”

Bitcoin hits more than 1-year high amid BlackRock ETF excitement

“‘The dark clouds overshadowing crypto have lifted in recent days amid a burst of institutional interest,’ said Kate Laurence, general partner of Bloccelerate VC, which invests in crypto projects. ‘The likes of BlackRock, Charles Schwab, Fidelity and Citadel throwing their hats into the crypto ring is hugely significant because it shows that institutions are very serious about the space – despite the recent regulatory crackdown.'”