Portfolio Testimonials

Our mission is to seek out the most audacious entrepreneurs and enable them with the tools and resources to help them build long-lasting companies. We think, write, and hustle alongside our portfolio companies to help them cross the chasm.


Pat Larsen
CEO, ZenLedger
“Bloccelerate VC led our Series A round in June of 2021. It hasn’t been a year since their investment, and we just closed our Series B round. I appreciate all the help that Bloccelerate gave us along the way. You made great introductions. You helped when we needed your help. You stayed out of the way otherwise”
David Zhang
CTO, Stably
“Bloccelerate has been a value-add investor from the start. Sam, Kate and Joe have played an active role in asking the tough questions and helping us sharpen our narrative. In addition to being a strategic discussion partner they have also continued to support us with high-value client, partner, talent and investor introductions.”
Chris Aguas
CEO of CoreChain
“We have particularly appreciated Bloccelerate’s breadth of knowledge across the broader blockchain ecosystem and chose to partner with them on CoreChain specifically because of that knowledge. As was the case with the emergence of the World Wide Web in 1990’s, their team understands that distributed ledger technology will have multiple profound implications on how commerce is conducted in the future as industry moves away from centralized, linear technologies and embraces the power of distributed data and applications. For us, that has meant Bloccelerate has provided us with key insights and expertise in both the digital asset and cryptocurrency dimensions of blockchain, where we expect to operate in the future, as well as the broader environment of distributed data for the enterprise and business-to-business space, where CoreChain was born and operates today.”
Antonio Vitti
CEO of Pontoro
“Before they even invested, Bloccelerate's team was already working to help build our business. They made some great introductions to some of the biggest potential clients in our space. They have a deep network in the digital asset and institutional finance space and importantly the depth of understanding to know how and when to make the right connections. They are very active and intuitive in helping us drive our company forward. We are excited to have Bloccelerate as a partner!”
Kieren James Lubin
CEO of BlockApps
“Kate and Sam have been very invested in our success. They took a chance on BlockApps at the peak of the bear market and stayed committed to helping us through the ups and downs of the blockchain winter. Kate has been compassionate, supportive, yet forceful, when needed. She also helped us through the Series B fundraising process - from iterating on our pitch deck, improving our messaging, to making important introductions. As a result, we have successfully closed our Series B.”