Bloccelerate VC is a venture fund backing bold entrepreneurs building category defining companies using the power of blockchain to

Re-shape multi-billion dollar markets
Create trillions of dollars worth of value
Give rise to a self-sovereign economy

Trust “Over The Wire” Thesis

Blockchain technology represents the new inflection point of wealth creation. Building on the success of the internet, blockchain is bringing about consensus, or trust, over the wire. It allows multiple parties, or stakeholders, to come to see a single version of truth on a single common denominator, without relying on a third party. Read More

This “trust over the wire” innovation has paradigm shifting implications for the future of society. The cost of coordinating economic activity traditionally accomplished by intermediary agents - hired to verify the trustworthiness of each transaction - is now reduced, if not fully eliminated.

As a result, multi-billion dollar industries are being disrupted and new - not-yet-existing - industries are being created. New self-sovereign Web 3.0 economy is emerging and trillions of dollars worth of value is being created.

It is our mission to find, invest, and support category defining companies that leverage this groundbreaking “trust over the wire” technology.


Energy over the wire



Signal over the wire



Voice over the wire



Information over the wire


Image description: the market capitalization of internet (“information over the wire”) companies is dwarfing that os legacy “brick and mortar” enterprises

Multi-billion dollar market capitalization corporations were created as a result of each one of these innovations - GE, AT&T, Alphabet, among others. With that came generational wealth - now measuring in billions, if not trillions of dollars. Just in the last 20 years, internet-based companies have grown into trillion-dollar corporations.

Why Bloccelerate?

Our research-driven approach allows us to spot trends, identify market gaps, and develop a strong conviction around markets and companies we are investing in READ HERE

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