We invest in Seed, Series A, and Tokens with strong fundamentals and token economics.

First Investments
Series A, 2019
BlockApps is enabling Fortune 500 enterprises and governments to build, deploy, and scale blockchain applications
Pre-Seed, 2021
With $750M+ in processed transactions, Corechain helps make B2B payments easy, frictionless and inexpensive
Token, 2020
MakerDAO is a collateralized lending platform, offering a ‘stable coin’ Dai.
SAFT, 2021
Quantstamp is one of the leading blockchain security and smart contract audit firms securing $100B+ in digital asset risk from hackers
Token, 2021
Avalanche is one of the leading Layer 1 protocol offering significant improvements over incumbent solutions
Series B, 2020
Symbiont is one of the leading blockchain platforms for capital markets
Series A, 2021
With 20M+ transactions processed and $1B+ crypto holdings tracked, ZenLedger is one of the leading crypto tax software companies
Token, 2021
Centrifuge is an on-chain credit fund that bridges real-world assets to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
Series A, 2021
Stably is a backed-stable coin issuance infrastructure provider
Seed, 2021
Cygnetise is signatory management platform that helps organisations reduce the risk of contract disputes and signatory fraud
Token, 2021
Maple Finance offers undercollateralized loans for institutional borrowers on chain
Seed, 2021
Pontoro brings infrastructure loans on chain
Seed, 2021
Aerotrax is digitally tracking the entire lifecycle of every aircraft, part, and component
SAFT, 2019
Hedera Hashgraph is a Layer 1 blockchain solution offering a fast, fair, and secure way to build decentralized applications
Token, 2019
Ethereum is the de facto leading Layer 1 blockchain platform for building decentralized applications
Seed, 2021
Fabrica offers a platform for tokenizing physical land through the flexibility of the revocable trusts
Series A, 2022
Evertas was born from a shared desire: to create insurance for this new risk, based on timeless standards and principles
Seed, 2022
Forum3, via Web3, provides the foundation for next generation consumer engagement and loyalty
Series A, 2022
The Lofty mission is to make it as easy as possible for anyone in the world to diversify into real estate investing
SAFE, 2022
SettleMint accelerates blockchain adoption for every organization, empowering them to innovate without barriers.
SAFT, 2022
Fix your interest rate or hedge your exposure by leveraging non-custodial on-chain IPOR derivative instruments
SAFT, 2022
The OAK Network mission is to make automation seamless, trustless and secure for consumers of all generations
SAFE+Token, 2023
Li.Fi helps DApps and wallets meet their users with whatever asset they may have on whatever chain. Serving as an aggregator of bridges and exchanges, helps seamlessly move assets for smooth Web3 experience
Seed, 2023
Cloudburst supports identify fraudulent activity and pump&dump schemes before they happen alerting exchanges and users
Secondary, 2022
Magic Enables companies to easily onboard their loyal customers to Web3, enhancing user experience in ease while retaining best-in-class security
SAFE, 2023
Elixir allows asset holders to dynamically market make across multiple exchanges.
SAFT, 2023
EigenLayer allows ETH and staked ETH to be restaked for securing new protocols allowing for faster decentralized network bootstrapping.
Token, 2023
Gelato enables Web 3 developers to achieve off-chain aware and truly automated smart contracts, enabling smart contracts to be self-executing and gas-less for users.
Token, 2023
A leading cross-chain decentralized exchange with super powers, built on its own app-specific chain, Osmosis allows for features not possible in other DEXes.
SAFE+Token, 2023
Delegate is a programmable identity for users to manage all their tokens in all their wallets at once.